Monthly web site administration packages


We know that businesses are different and website owners have different needs, so we have prepared the best website administration package deals for you to ensure that whatever you may face, your website will always be fully operational.

Now that your site is up and running, optimized and is already pulling in the first customers, you don’t have to worry about maintaining it.

We’re here to maintain it for you!

We’re offering you website maintenance and administration services:


  • We create an annual strategic maintenance plan for the website to ensure that it keeps up with the ever-changing demands of consumers.
  • You have access to our Be.Spark platform where you can send files, ask for changes or IT support tickets and a member of your team will perform the adjustments for you
  • We will implement the necessary modifications and maintenance works for the proper operation of your website

Need website administration?


If the displayed packages are not what you want, contact us for a special offer.

You can send us a list of everything you want to outsource and we will soon respond with a customized offer.