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Email Marketing Services


An email marketing campaign is also a part of what you need to consolidate your relationship with your current and potential customers.

It provides relevant information, presents deals, discounts, and even exclusive content to people who subscribe to your email list.

Email marketing is a promotion and sales method that many businesses try, but most fail to get significant results.

We will create for you the best email marketing campaign, both technically and concerning content, to help you sell more and expand your business.

The secret of a successful email marketing campaign lies in understanding human psychology.

Here at SPARKWEB, we understand the reasons why a person is tempted to open and read an email, so we apply these principles to our work.

Here’s why you also need integrated newsletters in an efficient marketing campaign:


  • – Newsletters bring new visitors to the website, which means more potential customers
  • – give you the opportunity to provide relevant and interesting information to people and enables the opportunity to gain their confidence for you and your business
  • – build a long-term relationship with subscribers
  • – Help strengthen your brand
  • – You will position yourself on the market as an expert in the field
  • – Increase sales
  • – Are a marketing tool that can be automated, which means less time spent doing marketing campaigns
  • – Have a meager cost compared to the obtained results
  • – Are very easy to optimize and measure
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Features of our email marketing platform:

  • import contacts from .txt, .csv, .xls
  • manage subscribers lists
  • over 20 predefined templates
  • visual editing, simple
  • create and send newsletters
  • import HTML files
  • HTML code in the newsletter source
  • personal account to manage your email and content database
  • reports and statistics for clicks, impressions, unsubscription, etc.
  • Sending limit
  • Account administration
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Free templates
  • Create a professional template